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Hobbies for the Elderly to Maintain Mental Health

Elderly people respond to mental health differently than younger people. They are prone to developing more psychological disorders and can cope less effectively to triggering factors of mental impairments. Let’s first take a look at how an old person lives- Retiring could be one of the most enjoyable but dreaded years in the life of a person. Anybody who no longer has definite roles to take apart from being an older member of the society begins to question their own importance, sometimes even existence. Since a retired […]

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Early Sign of Autism

The first signs of autism occur during early infancy and the disorder is usually diagnosed by the age of three. The autistic symptoms vary from one patient to another, from mild to severe forms. The first warning sign is an abnormal response to different stimuli such as light or sound. Noises may appear painful to the child, smells are overwhelmingly strong and touches are painful. Loud noises and very bright lights trigger what is termed “meltdown”. Autistic children are indifferent to their surroundings and are satisfied with […]

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Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

Adult attention deficit disorder, or adult ADD, can be a very frustrating condition to have. Almost all of the initial research and focus for the attention deficit disorders was focused on children and adolescents, but adults are just as likely to have the condition as youths. The disorder normally makes itself apparent during childhood, with difficulties at school being one of the most common hallmarks of the condition, which helps to explain why so much focus has been on children with the disease. But children with attention […]

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